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How long do bike pedals last

Bike pedals are an important part of any bike. Not only do they provide you with the ability to start and stop your bike, but they also help you control your speed and power. And while it might seem like a small matter, they can also play a substantial role in your cycling performance. However, … Read more

Why are bike pedals sold separately?

It is common knowledge that bike pedals come in pairs, but why are bike pedals sold separately? There is a good reason why this happens. Bike pedals are sold separately because it allows manufacturers to produce different types of pedals that suit various needs and styles. If you’ve ever been unsure about which bike pedal … Read more

Do Mountain Bike Pedals Fit Road Bikes

Mountain bike pedals are designed to optimize performance on rocky terrain. They are designed with a smaller platform, more grip, and more space between the pedal and crank arms. Road bike pedals should be used on road bikes due to their small platform, low weight, and close proximity of the pedal to the crank arm. … Read more

Where do they sell cycling shoes: A Comprehensive Guide

Cycling shoes are an important part of cycling. They provide the necessary power, stability, and safety that a cyclist needs to perform well. Cycling shoes can either be worn with cleats or without them. The choice will depend on whether you ride in a clipless pedal system or not. We’re going to talk about the … Read more

How Important are Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are the most important piece of equipment for cyclists. If you want to enjoy cycling or just ride without feeling pain, then you need to invest in some good cycling shoes. How important are cycling shoes? Cycling shoes will be useful even if you only cycle occasionally, but they are essential if you … Read more

How Often Should Cycling Shoes Be Replaced?

Cycling is one of the best ways to get fit and stay in shape. It’s also a low-impact exercise that puts less strain on your joints than running. But it does put strain on something else: your cycling shoes. Cycling shoes are designed to be lightweight, so they can flex with every pedal stroke. Unfortunately, … Read more

How Much Should I Spend On Cycling Shoes: An ultimate guide

Cycling is a great way to get in shape and lose weight, but buying the right gear can be a challenge. But ever wondered How Much Should I Spend On Cycling Shoes? Cycling shoes are one of the most important pieces of cycling equipment, and choosing the wrong pair could seriously impact your performance. The … Read more

What to Look for in Cycling Shoes: The ultimate guide.

Cycling shoes are often neglected by cyclists, they are seen as a necessary accessory to the sport, but not something that is needed in order to ride. However, cycling shoes can make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. They provide extra padding which will reduce the intensity of vibrations in your feet and legs. They … Read more