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Best Bike for Dirt Jumps (2022 Editor’s pick)

Dirt jumps are some of the sporting activities most people love. The unique thing with diet jumps is that you cannot do them with a bike. Most bikes will end up getting burst when you use them for dirt jumping. Hence the need to have the Best Bike for Dirt Jumps.

As usual, we try to keep you updated on every topic we tackle. We have therefore brought you a review of the best bikes you can use. Our models of the day boast of both quality and performance.

Durability has been one of the critical factors we have focused on. The following models have proved to be great at delivering remarkable service. Thus also calls for the bike to have the best MTB brakes in order to function well.

Best bike for dirt jumps

BikeBest ForCheck it out
Mongoose Legion Ideal for the use of children, especially those who love sports. CHECK PRICE NOW ON AMAZON
Schhwinn GTX Adult bike Has a vast and powerful tire that makes it resistant CHECK PRICE NOW ON AMAZON
Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain bike It features hydroformed tubing and an excellent front suspension fork. CHECK PRICE NOW ON AMAZON
Firmstrong Urban Man beach bike The rim and the tire have a good positioning that ensures you can comfortably move from one place to another without a hustle. CHECK PRICE NOW ON AMAZON
Mongoose Mech Mountain The frame has an aluminum material that enhances its durability and is one of the Best Bike for Dirt Jumps CHECK PRICE NOW ON AMAZON
Roadmaster R8047WMDS Changing the gears of this model is excellent as it offers perfect simplicity CHECK PRICE NOW ON AMAZON

Mongoose Legion

Mongoose Legion: Best Bike for Dirt Jumps

This bike is ideal for the use of children, especially those who love sports. You will love using it because it is powerful and can deliver an excellent and remarkable service. As a beginner, you will find the bike not only ideal not only for dirt jumping but also for many sporting activities.

Looking at the frame of the bike, you will get inspired to have a gaming session.  It is sturdy and designed for action. The wheels will also surprise you because of the tough aluminum mug sealed at the bearings hence a lovely look.

The handlebar boasts of a 360 degrees’ spin and four freestyle pegs. You can therefore be very sure that the bike will deliver the best. The spokes are a robust design that ensures the bouncing back is possible and fewer accidents get eliminated.

Finally, the brakes are potent. You will appreciate that the bike has powerful brakes that ensure you can comfortably stop even when the terrain is demanding. Its clamps hold every part of the cycle in place.


  • It has lovely colors and design
  • Offers reliable performance for more extended period’s
  • Has a perfect balance of materials
  • Robust design for better permanence


  • Maybe too tiny for a tall and colossal person.

Schhwinn GTX Adult bike


This model is a sportbike widely known for its excellent performance. You will therefore enjoy using it because it is of excellent quality. You can also be very sure that the model is lovely because of the materials that make it up.

The model boast of a vast and powerful tire that makes it resistant.  Versatility in riding is one thing that will make you enjoy lots of love. The positioning of the handlebar and the seat is fantastic as it ensures that you want comfort while sporting.

What qualifies this bike to be among the best for dirt jumping is the quality of the tires. They have a strong and resistant rubber that helps in quick bouncing back when in the dirt. Chances of getting punctures are very limited in this model.

Moreover, the bike features 21-speed shifters that allow you to adjust the gears.  Riding at lightning speeds using this bike is possible. When it comes to stopping, you will love the V-shape brakes’ role in enhancing quick and reliable performance.

An alloy with double-wall rims is ideal as it enhances a powerful performance. A lightweight and comfortable design improve a powerful performance. A long term service is one thing you will always love doing. The bike firmly holds the ground because of the multi-use design. Making it one of the Best Bike for Dirt Jumps.


  • It has a fantastic quality and performance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Delivers high speeds and powerful bouncing back
  • Reliable because of its quality
  • Lightweight hence more comfortable to handle


  • May be too big to manage dirt jumps

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain bike

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain bike: Best Bike for Dirt Jumps

This model makes a lovely and reliable sports bike. A thing you will love about it is the tires and the frames. Enjoying your riding on mountains or steep areas. It holds firmly to the ground hence delivering an excellent outcome.

What makes the bike most reliable is the aluminum MTB frame. It features hydroformed tubing and an excellent front suspension fork. You will therefore begin to enjoy the lovely moments with this bike because of its remarkable performance.

Smooth-shifting of gears is also something you will enjoy because of the 2-speed shifters. In every ride you want, you will have swiftness and reliable speeds. You can therefore be very sure that the bike will have a remarkable performance all through.

Stopping on the trail is useful as it gets enhanced by the front and rear V-Brakes. You can, therefore, be very sure that the bike will offer you a remarkable performance. A fantastic thing when dirt jumping is how the tires offer rigidity and bouncing back.

The rims are light and offer excellent durability. You can therefore be very sure that the biker will perform more than you expect. Durability is one thing that this model boasts of because of the material composition.

The seat and the handlebars are well-positioned to facilitate more quality performance. The mongoose brand is ideal because it ensures all protocols are followed during the manufacture of the bikes.


  • It has a lovely design and quality
  • Offers a high-quality service
  • Excellent durability
  • It is lightweight hence best performing
  • Ideal for all sports


  • May be too tall for short people

Firmstrong Urban Man beach bike


Men who love riding on the beach and other places will find this model convenient for them. You will love the simple design it comes with, which is ideal for the best performance. You will enjoy using it for fun within our neighborhood and traveling.

The design of this model is excellent as it contributes to having a reliable performance. The rim and the tire have a good positioning that ensures you can comfortably move from one place to another without a hustle.

While jumping, the model bounces back hence delivering an excellent outcome. Men who have a height above 5.5 inches will enjoy using the bike most. Its frames and the handle are strong, therefore capable of handling pressure from jumping.

The balloon on the tires is excellent as it offers excellent rigidity to the bike. More to enjoy is the dual-spring saddle. Coming in an oversize makes the performance of the bike more enhanced. The incredible thing is that even when the impact is heavy, it gets less felt. This makes it one of the Best Bike for Dirt Jumps.

While riding, you will sit upright hence quick management of all situations. The pedals are robust, and you can stand on them as you jump with the bile. Due to more substantial materials, the bike serves for a long time, hence delivering the ideal outcomes.


  • Excellent quality
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Easy and comfortable to ride
  • It has a lovely color and sturdy design
  • Powerful wheels for heavy impacts


  • Does not have the gear design

Mongoose Mech Mountain

Mongoose Mech Mountain: Best Bike for Dirt Jumps

This bike model is an amazing one. It has an elegant look that is attractive to most riders. You will love the comfortable looks and the design that is quite inspirational in delivering excellent outcomes.

Its wheels make it an ideal mountain bike for various sports. It features a considerable tire that is best at enhancing great performances. Although it looks like a bulky model, it is lightweight and excellent performing.

The frame has an aluminum material that enhances its durability and is one of the Best Bike for Dirt Jumps. Therefore, you can be very sure that the bike won’t get tired before you get tired. Its tubing is very rigid and durable hence accommodating both strong and hit impacts.

While riding, you will find the bike easier to stop when in need of braking. One good thing with the braking system is that it is instrumental as it is instant.  It features V brakes on the front and the back.

The handlebar is durable as it resists pressure when riding, especially in steep areas. An exciting thing about it is that you will enjoy easy shifting on the gears. A 21-speed shift makes everything possible and very reliable.

The wheels and the frames make the bike the best for jumping in all areas. When dirt jumping, you will feel it bouncing back without getting damaged. You are, therefore, very sure that no puncture or accident will happen as you enjoy.


  • It has a lovely and rigid design
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • Has an awesome quality
  • Reliable for many sports
  • Powerful frames and rims


  • The handle may get lose

Roadmaster R8047WMDS

Roadmaster R8047WMDS: Best Bike for Dirt Jumps

If you want to ride on hilly areas, which are ideal for dirt jumping, this model makes a lovely one. You will love it because it facilitates excellent performance. For people of 5.4 -6.2 inches tall, this bike will make an ideal choice.

Changing the gears of this model is excellent as it offers perfect simplicity. It features twist shifters that make gear changing more comfortable. You will appreciate the fact that the model has an excellent braking system that is very effective.

Both front and linear-pull brakes are lovely because they make your riding colorful. You will, therefore, confidently stop anytime you wish to. Retro fenders are ideal for maintaining cleanliness hence making the performance remarkable. You will definitely find this to be one of the Best Bike for Dirt Jumps.

A dual spring, padded seat, and cruiser handlebars make the performance of the bike excellent. You can, therefore, be very sure that the cycle will support your sporting mission.  An upright riding position keeps you enjoying and loving the moments.


  • Has an attractive design
  • Powerful brakes
  • Durability of the bike is superior because of the quality
  • Ideal for use at the beach and dirt jumping


  • Needs frequent maintenance

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Choosing the best bike for dirt jumping

Selection of the best bike to use for dirt jumping is a simple activity. Suppose you use the following criteria. You will achieve your mission quickly.

Quality of the bike

Your bike should be of excellent quality. Among the things you need to be very focused on is the material used in making the frames and the tires. They determine the performance of the bike.

Lightweight design

A good bike for dirt jumping should have a lightweight design to facilitate quick movement. It should generally be effortless for you to jump and land comfortably.

Tire design

What bounces back and lands when jumping is the tire. An ideal tire should therefore be stable and reliable. It should resist most obstacles and not give in to punctures.

Comfortable riding position

An ideal bike should have a very comfortable sitting position. The handlebars and the seat should be at a comfortable angle so that you quickly access both. Your legs should reach the ground, hands touch the handlebar, and also be seated.


What are dirt jumper bikes good for?

These bikes are designed for aerial stunts and landing jumps, but they don’t have a rear shock because the suspension absorbs energy making jumping on pump tracks less efficient.

Why are dirt jumpers so expensive?

For dirt jumpers, there’s a limited market and because of this they’re expensive. This makes it hard for competitors to enter into the niche because you need specific equipment which results in fewer manufacturers than average bikes. This makes them even rarer by comparison.
To cover their expenses and make up some ground on price point alone producers charge $500+
it becomes easier understand why so few competing brands exist.

How do you size a dirt jump bike?

Longer dirt jump bikes will have a longer horizontal top tube. This length is adjustable depending on the height of your riding position and what style you ride most often, but it’s typically between 140-150mm on average for shorter people or taller riders who want more stability while going over jumps at high speeds. Shorter amateurs should find something smaller with less ground clearance so they can get up close without being worried about scraping their knees against hard terrain hazards during landing breaks.

What should I look for in a jump bike?

Jump bikes are often known for their low frames, which allow you to easily jump over obstacles. These bikes usually have suspensions and can be ridden at high speeds without feeling uncomfortable on your feet because they offer less ground clearance than other types of bicycles do.

Final verdict

Dirt Jumping is something that most people enjoy doing. When you have a proper bike that is reliable and best performing, you will be set for the best performance. Considering a few facts as highlighted above, you will have easy moments for a comfortable ride.

But what happens when the dirt jumps are not in a good condition? You will be in trouble and end up making a quick exit from the scene. The only way to deal with this is through proper preparation before you set out.

You will need to have the best dirt jumper mountain bike since it is important. The first thing you need to do is getting yourself properly prepared for the act. You should never go out there unless you are well set and prepared.

That means that you will need to get the right gear, clothing and also take some precautions steps before embarking on a ride. The reason why these are important is that the chance of injuries will be minimized. You should also get yourself mentally prepared for the act and make it clear to you about your actions.

It is not an easy task since it needs some skills before taking action. That means that you should ensure you have done enough research on which type of bike to get. The best way is going with a professional since they have the right knowledge and experience.

With this in mind you will have an easy time getting the type of dirt jumper mountain bike. In addition, you should not buy without doing your homework on where to get it from. Pick a dealer who has been in business for many years and has a good reputation.

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