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7 Best Bike Helmet with Lights (2022 Editor’s pick)

Commuting is very interesting when you have the right accessories. A good example is the use of a helmet that has lights. The lights not only make it look colorful but also provide safety to the rider. Therefore one needs to acquire the Best Bike Helmet with Lights.

If you fail to get to your home on time, a helmet with lights makes everything easier for you. You will enjoy comfort as other pedestrians, and drivers get to see you. Some also help you to see the path you are riding on.

We have done a study of the best helmets with lights and brought you the following models.

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Best bike helmet with lights

LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet

Best Bike Helmet with Lights

The color combination of this helmet makes it look great. You will enjoy using it because of the shiny surface that makes it visible. As you ride, you will be at ease knowing that you are visible and safe even if the lights go off.

The model features an adjustment knob that makes it easy to adjust. The size is adequate hence providing adequacy and proper safety. You will conveniently fasten it to meet the proper size of your head hence a reliable outcome.

The use of modern flashlights makes the model look superior. Its performance is also superior as the lights deliver a reliable output. It meets the CPSC and CE safety standards hence a guaranteed quality.

You will love it more because of the automatic sensor lights, which are wireless. The security is, therefore, better and more enhanced. On a long-distance, you will get noticed hence lower chances of getting engaged in an accident.

In case of accidents, the process of rescue is quick as you get quickly traced. An award-winning technology gets used in making this model. You are therefore sure that you will enjoy remarkable service. this makes it one of the Best Bike Helmet with Lights.


  • It has a lovely and attractive design
  • Reliable for day and night use
  • Has an award-winning technology
  • Automatic sensing lights hence less complicated
  • Excellent innovation design


  • May be tough to repair the lights when spoilt

Smart4u Smart Bike Helmet

Best Bike Helmet with Lights

The LED lights in this model make it look extra beautiful. You will appreciate the colors in the LEDs that make it look extra beautiful. Interestingly, the LEDs are automatic hence a direct sensation.  Depending on the light intensity, they will start, pause and also stop.

The display maintains an angle of 180 degrees. You will therefore enjoy the safety as you ride from one place to another. Using it at night is possible because the brightness will allow you to see the path and alert other motorists of your presence.

Using the helmet for daily purposes is simple and effective. You will find it lovelier to have the model managing all kinds of weather. It has a waterproof design that makes it safe from extreme conditions. An IPX4 rating for waterproofs allows it to resist water to some degree,

The helmet also boasts of simplicity when it comes to adjustment. You will find it lovelier to dial back and adjust the straps to meet the helmet’s proper size and position. You are therefore very sure that the model will have adequate comfort hence reliable.

The material in use in the making of the model is something you will also appreciate. It has an integral molding and layers that make you comfortable. Resistance to impact is therefore inevitable.


  • Has a lovely design and shape
  • Excellent quality hence safety
  • The LEDs are bright and waterproof
  • Perfect adjustability and helmet size
  • Comfortable


  • In extreme conditions, it gets affected by water

Smart4u Adult Bike Helmet

Smart4u Adult Bike Helmet

This model boasts of a famous brand hence a guaranteed performance. The incredible thing about it is that it has a lovely design that also enhances its performance. It has an LED light at the back that makes other road users aware of your presence.

An automatic light sensation makes it perform excellently. You will love its seven adjustment brightness levels that make it robust. One thing you will therefore be very sure of is that the brightness will adjust as darkness dominates.

The LED covers a distance of over 180m hence a guarantee of safety. Using it late at night is convenient as your safety gets perfectly catered for.  Using the adjustable strap is easy and convenient as you enjoy more comfort. making it one of the best Bike Helmet with Lights.

The material used in the making of the model is durable. You will also enjoy comfort as the inside part has an EPS foam that ensures you are safe. Therefore, you are very sure that the model will serve you for the longest time in your sessions. 

For proper ventilation, the model has vents. You will therefore enjoy the fresh air as your skin also gets protected.


  • Has a lovely design and performance
  • It is easy to set and adjust
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable and resistant to impact
  • Excellent ventilation


  • May expose the rider to danger is the light goes off at night

Bell Daily MIPS helmet

Bell Daily MIPS helmet

The color of this model is fantastic. You will appreciate how the design is inspirational and offers protection to your head. Its best part is the vents that allow for free air circulation in your head. Safety is therefore guaranteed.

The shell has a make of fusion polycarbonate. It is, therefore, durable and resistant to heavy impacts hence durable.  You will appreciate the MIPS technology that is instrumental in reducing rotational forces. Any impact gets therefore protected from getting to your head.

You will enjoy the sleek design that makes the model look nice. You will enjoy it because of the light that gets strategically positioned. Riding during the day and at night is therefore very safe when you make use of this model.

As you ride, you will not experience any feelings of sweat in your body. Even if you have significant amounts of hair, the model has a design that will support heat absorption. Foams on the inner side of the model absorb water and prevent the growth of mold and fungi.

Moreover, the model has an improved feel and function. You will enjoy its lightweight design that is also key to reliable performance.


  • Has a lovely design and shape
  • Ventilation and free air circulation
  • Boats of  excellent specifications
  • A fitting and strategical LEDs
  • Durable, sturdy, and a sleek design


  • Adjusting its shape is slightly confusing

Smart4u Smart Helmet

Smart4u Smart Helmet

In terms of comfort, this model is one of the best helmets. You will love using it because it comes with several accessories such as an SOS alert, LED indicators, Bluetooth, and a phone button. Riding is, therefore, lovely as you will pick and make calls without a hassle.

The exciting thing with the microphone is that it is wind resistant. You will therefore enjoy the moments without having to worry about distractions. Enjoying your favorite music while cycling is also convenient as on the sides are two speakers.

The LED lights of this helmet are other things you will always enjoy having. You will appreciate the presence of the six brightness levels. These play a huge role in ensuring that you are safe from any insecurities. Hence, being considered one of the best Bike Helmet with Lights.

Using the adjustable straps, you will find it lovelier to adjust the model to meet your needs. It, however, comes in various sizes that each fit a specific group of people. In an accident, you will love how the helmet creates an alert hence having you quickly rescued.

Ventilation channels work towards ensuring that you enjoy free air circulation. As a result, you will be very safe and can use the helmet from time to time.


  • Has a lovely design and quality
  • Offers simplicity in use
  • Reliable over a long period
  • SOS triggers
  • Guaranteed safety by the lights and alarm


  • Exposed to more danger during accidents

LUMOS Kickstart Lite Smart Helmet

LUMOS Kickstart Lite Smart Helmet

This model has a lovely color and straps that make it adjustable. Having a shining nature makes it enjoyable to use as it also offers some reflection when in use. It has a lovely design with adequate ventilation that ensures you are safer and comfortable.

The smart helmet makes an ideal choice for use in the streets. It has a design that fits commuters, road bikers, and mountain bike riders. You will therefore find it convenient to use both during the day and at night.

Both the front and the backside of the helmet are light. They are useful because they have 250 lumens that project a brighter light. You will therefore enjoy riding knowing that you are visible to other road users.

While riding, you can optimize the lights using your mobile app.  The app lets you monitor the progress of the battery and the performance of the lights.

In the event of an impact, the model is lovely as it ensures that you are very safe. You will get the best service because of the EPS foam. Both inside and outside the helmet, there is adequate safety. Any form of impact gets entirely controlled hence delivering an excellent outcome and result.

Adjusting the model for your comfort is also something you will always enjoy. The straps are practical and firmly get held to your head.


  • It has a lovely quality and design
  • Reliable for use over a more extended period
  • Simple to adjust
  • Works with a mobile app
  • Effective lights and reflection


  • It Maybe slightly confusing when the lights fail

BERN, Hudson MIPS Bike Helmet

BERN, Hudson MIPS Bike Helmet

This model boasts a rear light and a U-Lock. You will love its design that proves that it is robust and resistant. On the front, it has a cape-like design that makes it best for use when there is too much sunlight.

A fantastic thing about the helmet is that it has a light on the rear that supplies light for 10 hours. You will use a USB cable to charge the light. Its uniqueness is that it is water-resistant and has three settings where you can choose to use it as a flashlight, steady, or a pulse light.

It also has MIPS protection that works towards ensuring that you are safe from any impact. It is resistant even to friction hence providing maximum safety. When the helmet is above your head, you will use a U-Lock to hold it in place without having any harm. This makes it one of the Best Bike Helmet with Lights.

It also boasts of a lightweight design. You will therefore enjoy excellent breathability and air circulation. It has a custom fit that makes it lovelier to use. When riding and in the event of twists, you will find the model more convenient to use.


  • It has a durable design
  • Protects you against UVL and impact
  • Awesome breathability
  • Has a U-Lock for rigidity
  • Lightweight design


  • It may be more dangerous when there is an accident

Below is an example of a video showing a bike helmet with light.

Choosing the best bike helmet with lights

Understanding the kind of lights you need on your bike is the first and essential thing. Lights have many designs that are suited for a specific task. You should therefore consider your lies in lighting then get the best helmet. Below are some qualities you should look at.

Presence of the lights

The best helmet should have the lights. You should choose the kind of light that you feel should serve you best.

When you are riding at night, it is advisable to use the lights when they’re bright. The light makes it easier for the vehicle in front of you to see you. They are also used to seeing your surroundings.

The brightness of the headlight

It is advisable that you buy a bright headlight because it will give you better visibility. This is important if the cycle path is not lit, or there’s no streetlight where you can run into an accident. The brighter they are, the easier it is for you to see where you are going.

The discretion of the running light

It is advisable that you buy a light with a good range, but not too strong. This will ensure that other vehicles have seen you, and they will know your location in time to give way. It should be flashing because it helps to alert others as you approach.

The reflection of the light

You need lights that are visible at a considerable distance so that you can be seen easily. Sometimes the motorists will not see your clothes until they get too close to avoid an accident. The color is also important. We recommend green or white on either side, and red in the back of your bike.


The best bike should have the best quality. Material composition should be good to facilitate long term service and also resistance. However, it should also be comfortable.

Ease of use

Adjusting is the essential thing you will keep doing as you bike. An ideal model should be easy to adjust, and as you ride, it should offer you the required comfort.


A good helmet should be reliable. One that has lights should serve you during the day and also at night. The lights should therefore be able to serve you at night hence providing adequate safety.


Do you need a helmet light?

A bike is a great way to get around town, but most people don’t use their bikes at night. The light on your handlebar allows drivers and other cyclists alike see you better in difficult conditions like darkness or rain- motorists will be able to judge distance when turning more easily since they can see where you are going! And if there’s not enough sunlight out? No problemyou’ll have the safety of having blinkers so others know what direction they should go when passing by from behind an obstacle before making turns themselves.

Is it illegal not to have lights on your bike?

The law clearly states that you must have lights and reflectors when cycling at night, but what about during the day? In most parts of Australia it is illegal to cycle without them as well. The only time they need not be used are if your bike can’t move because it’s stationary or being pushed along a roadside instead.

Why is there a light on the helmet?

A bike’s own headlights can be used to illuminate the road, but sometimes they’re not bright enough. Mounting a helmet light on your head and facing forward will give you more visibility than just looking straight ahead would because of its directional reflection pattern that follows which direction an object is being looked at much like how car lights work.

How do you turn on a dynamo?

The dynamo is a spinning generator that charges your bicycle’s battery. It works much like an electric toothbrush, in that you need to turn it on by pressing down with one hand while holding onto the handlebars of your bike; then just let go when done using.

Final verdict

Lights are useful as they make you visible. Getting a helmet with the best kind of lighting is lovely as it ensures you are safe and visible. You will therefore choose the lights that you love most as our review has brought various types.

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