7 Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

If you have ever had an impact accident while biking, you probably know the importance of having quality knee pads.

Having the best knee pads give you the confidence to bike because of the safety guarantee when biking. It may not be very easy to get the best knee pads because the market if flocked with quality and low-quality pads.

We have made your work easier by compiling our research results about the best bike knee pads. Let’s check together.

Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee pad

Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee pad: Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

If you are looking for comfortable riding, this knee pad makes the best choice. You will have a special love because of the design that has been employed to have it performing the best.

The pad features a patented ‘X-Up’ strapping system that locks that holds both sides of your knees. In case you get involved in an accident, the chances of having your leg twisted are limited.

You will enjoy maximum protection to your leg because of the shin plates’ presence and the hard shell knee pads. The shin plates are asymmetrical hence providing anti-impact protection.

On the hard shell, knee pads are also ribbed to offer maximum protection to the legs too. An amazing thing that will make you quickly acquire this knee pad is that it covers the knee down towards the foot.

Featuring also is a vented design that allows you to enjoy fresh air to the leg. Apart from holding your leg in place, you will also enjoy the amount of air that will make your skin comfortable while you ride.

The outer shin plate also has a riveted fox-head logo that makes it easy for you to identify. Coming on various sizes, the knee pads will have a perfect fitting for both adults’ children. You will love the comfortability that comes along when riding.


  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect quality
  • Excellent protection


  • Fast deterioration for prolonged usage

Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee pad

Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee pad

The density of this knee pad makes its comfortability excellent. The knee pad makes an awesome choice for people who ride on the very rugged areas with tough terrains. You will, therefore, find it very comfortable to use the knee pad.

The knee pad has 8-link form padding and awesome padding that makes it very comfortable. An outer cover has a make of Kevlar that makes it both tough and rigid. It is, therefore, not exposed to wear and tear.

In case of accidents, you will not get hurt, and also the knee pad remains intact and not even with a scratch.  Your knee gets perfectly held on both sides hence not exposed to twisting and sliding.

Featuring is six padded pockets that hold the knees and protect them against impact. You will therefore have the ultimate protection for your knee sensitive areas when in accidents. Proper protection against scratches and heavy impact is provided.

Do you get upset by sweat when riding? When you use this knee pad, you will be amazed by how it absorbs the sweat. The Perforated Neoprene body makes it easy for your skin to breathe. 

The inside material of the knee pad has a terry-cloth lining that makes breathing easy and very comfortable. The lightweight nature of the knee pad makes it very easy to move along with the knee pads.


  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Best for men and women
  • Less exposed to physical damage and abrasion


  • Covers the knee only

POC, Joint VPD 2.0 Knee Pads

Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

This model is the best if you are looking for a perfect knee pad for both ladies and gents. You can easily wash it by your hands when it is dirty because of the material used to make it.

The knee pad has an awesome comfortability when put on.  It is a multi-purpose protector that will offer you ultimate freedom when riding and proper impact absorption if you encounter an accident.

Featuring is a VPD 2.0 Protection, which is the highest level. It will perfectly adapt to your body shape hence making it very safe. Upon impact, the knee pad maintains stiffness providing proper safety.

The ventilated design makes the knee pad very comfortable to use. It has perforated padding that helps in boosting the ventilation. You will therefore have proper heat control, making it possible for you to go for longer rides.

When riding, you will enjoycomfortability because of the presence of the stretch fabric material used. It makes it very easy to wear the knee pad, and its lightweight nature makes it very easy to enjoy your ride.

The quality of the knee pad is perfect. It provides the security you need while riding. Protection of the most sensitive areas of the knee is provided hence the ideal choice for use.

Finally, you will be amazed by the elastic strap that makes auto-adjust easy. The pads are hence held in place. The hardness will make your ride without worries of big impacts on accidents.


  • Excellent quality
  • Comfortable to use
  • Perfect choice of material
  • Highest level of protection


  • Gets worn out faster

Fox Head Enduro Knee sleeve

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Featuring is an excellent knee cap model that is ideal for use while racing. You will enjoy the lightweight nature and the pedal friendliness that gets provided by the knee pad. With a fabric material make, the knee pad is also skin-friendly.

When racing up the downhill mountain, the knee pad will offer you just the right comfortability you need to enjoy. You will not have experiences of slide-on and twisting of knee joints in case an accident occurs.

Featuring is a neoprene material with a perforated design that makes the movement of your leg easy. While cycling, you will, therefore, comfortably stretch your leg without interfering with the knee pad’s positioning.

The multi-fabric construction is another amazing feature of the knee pad. It helps in making the knee pad fit on your knee.  You will also not have heat disturbances as you ride because of the ventilation provided by the pad.

Featuring also is a silicone gripper that ensures the pad is in and does not slide as you ride. The material used ensures that the knee pad is durable.  The abrasion-resistant material prolongs the usability and life of the pad.

Finally, the knee pad comes on various sizes hence ideal to all users. The price of the knee pad is also awesome and comfortable for any user interested in it.


  • Excellent quality
  • Comfortable to use
  • Excellent material
  • Very friendly


  • May overheat with time

G-FormPro X2 Knee Pad

Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

Featuring is a high-quality knee pad that comes on an elegant design that makes it look beautiful. However, the most amazing thing with the pad is the exceptional protection offered, especially when it comes to impact.

The model is an excellent fit for any rider because of the smart flex. It will harden whenever you have an impact and offer you awesome flexibility while riding. Your skin is, therefore, very safe with the knee pad.

More about this knee pad is that it has body-mapped impact absorbing ability. Therefore, you will be amazed by how it will hold your body and resist both movements and impacts.

The ventilation of the knee pad is perfect. It features a two-panel design that ensures that your skin is fit and held in place. The front pad has ventilation holes that boost air circulation. Heat absorption and sweat absorption is perfect with the knee pad.

To boost breathability, the knee pad has a UPF 50+ compression fabric that ensures that you feel the dryness every time you ride. It is also a contributor toward making the knee pad more comfortable.

Finally, the quality of the knee pad is excellent. Compared to the rest, the knee pad is more comfortable to use. It has the flexibility you require for effective riding.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Perfect size
  • Perfect breathability
  • Well ventilated


  • May not stay for long, especially when exposed to damages

Dakine Slayer Knee sleeve

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Featuring is another perfect knee pad with an excellent material made with a composition of 70% polyester and 30% nylon. You will have the proper protection to your knee and the surrounding areas. 

They have awesome seamless elastic cuffs that have a silicone gripper to the inner side. You will therefore have a perfect holding of the knee for comfortable riding. The elasticity makes your ride well in both hilly and flat areas.

Moreover, the knee pad has an excellent material that absorbs extra heat making your skin breathing awesome. You will also enjoy excellent resistance in case you experience a small or major accident.

The impact resistance of the knee pad makes you have peace of mind when using the knee pad. What will make you more comfortable while using the bike? The coverage of the knee and the sides is perfect.


  • Excellent quality
  • Comfortable to the knee
  • Perfectly holds the knee


  • Exposed to wear
  • May get too hot

Kali Protectives strike Knee Guard

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If you are looking for softness in your knee pads, this model makes the ideal choice. It has soft padding located around the knee areas. When riding, some people experience blisters because of the knee pads, but the experience is lowered with this model.

The material used to make the pad is Xelion. It offers excellent resistance to impact, and in case of accidents, your knees are also protected from scratching. The chances of having a knee twisting or sliding get minimized to a great degree.

Moreover, the knee pad offers awesome ventilation to the knee. You will, therefore, not experience sweat. An excellent condition between your skin and the knee pad gets provided.

Furthermore, at the top and the bottom, there are non-slip bands. You will therefore have a fixed holding and tightness from the knee pad. As you ride, you will have an awesome movement of the knee pad without getting loose.

A Velcro adjustment makes the functionality of the pad excellent. You will, therefore, have an awesome moment to choose the tightness of the knee pad.

You may also opt to buy various sizes of the knee pads to minimize the chances of having to adjust the knee pad frequently. The quality of the knee pad is excellent hence guaranteed durability.


  • Perfect quality
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Velcro-adjustment
  • Perfect ventilation


  • May need frequent adjustments

Choosing the best knee pads for mountain biking

Choosing the best knee pad is very important for effective biking. If you want to have the best model, here are the key things to focus on.


Do you imagine having a knee pad that is not flexible? You may have to do replacements frequently. When buying a knee pad, you should consider getting a flexible one without compromising the quality and the protection.


Biking needs having lightweight gears. The knee pad should also be a perfect weight. Before you acquire one, it is wise to have a good look at the weight so that you get one that will perfectly satisfy your movement as you ride.


The quality of the knee pad should be excellent. Low-quality knee pads get damaged faster and do not offer proper protection. You should, therefore, consider having one that is made of strong and durable materials.

A high-quality knee pad will offer you the protection you need, your comfortability, and long-lasting service.


Your pads should be very easy to attach.  The best one should be attached by using straps or slipping. Poor attachments make the pads lose from time to time hence a discomfort when riding. An ideal attachment should be firm and perfectly held.

Final verdict

It is the dream of every rider to have comfortable biking. Having the best biking gear makes you enjoy your biking moments. It is best to have awesome knee pads because they make your riding safe,

Get one of our models and enjoy safe biking.