8 Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner (2021 edition)

If you are a beginner with the urge to start as a mountain rider, a good bike is valuable. To have the best mountain bike experience, you will need to start with a high-quality model. Interestingly, there are very many bikes that will help you to start your sport quickly. Therefore you need to acquire one of the Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner.

Unfortunately, there are also very many bikes that may not serve you as you expect. You will, therefore, need a thorough guide to make a sound decision. To facilitate time management as you choose your bike, we have brought the following reviews for you.

Best mountain bikes for a beginner

Mongoose Dolomite mountain bike

Mongoose Dolomite mountain bike

This bike is lovable because of its design and fat tire. You will specifically love it because it does not expose you to falling. You are therefore guaranteed that minor accidents will not be part of the tour experience.

Its tires are enormous, making it easier for you to practice in any terrain. You will find it comfortable as it manages all terrains despite the ruggedness. They are knobby and very helpful in managing minor challenges making this one of the Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner.

Moreover, the bike features lightweight alloy rims that make it lighter to handle. The front part is adjustable, making it easier for any person to ride. The incredible thing about it is that it can accommodate all heights and weights.

When riding, you will feel the comfort and control of the bike. Increasing and reducing the speeds is straightforward when using this bike. You will also find it lovelier to hold the brakes as they are practical and ideal for any action.

Seven speeds make the bike lovelier to manage all kinds of places. You will appreciate that it has smoothness when it comes to changing and adjusting gears.


  • Easy to manage
  • Ideal for any terrain
  • Very effective brakes
  • Wide tire hence fewer accidents
  • Ideal for all sizes of people as it is adjustable


  • Not ideal for young beginners

Kent Hawkeye mountain bike

Kent Hawkeye mountain bike: Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner

You will love the use of this bike in your beginning sessions because of its lightweight design. The frames have an aluminum material that ensures you enjoy safety and stability as you move from one place to another. This may go well if you also own one of the best Hydration Pack For Mountain Biking.

The bike’s durability makes it an ideal choice because it can accommodate much weight and terrains. It is crown front suspension features an aluminum material that enhances its safety further.

A double wall in the alloy makes the bike an ideal choice. You are therefore guaranteed that you will have an easy time fixing it up and working with it. This double rim is 29 inches hence wide enough for the standard wheels.

Moreover, the bike features 21-speed shifters that make the speed controllable. As you master the riding art, you will find it lovelier to adjust to various kinds of speed. Therefore, it has all that you need to start as a rider and advance your riding skills and is one of the Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner.

Both front and rear mechanical brake plates are lovely to use. You will find it easier and more comfortable to hold on to your brakes as they are very responsive.


  • Comfortable to ride
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable handlebar
  • Easy to adjust the speeds
  • Durable because of quality materials


  • Maybe too high for young adults

Diamondback mountain bike

Diamondback mountain bike

In terms of quality, this bike makes one of the ideal choices. You will love using it as a beginner in mountain riding because of its wide tire. Comfortability is the biggest thing you will enjoy when using this bike.

Although the bikes look bulky, handling them is an easier task and very comfortable. The balance of the front and back parts makes it a lovelier choice because of its extraordinary stability.

Both young people and adults will find the bike to be very comfortable to use. In terms of efficiency, the bike is an ideal choice. Therefore, you will enjoy the 130mm on the rear suspension, which is good as it guarantees a long-term service.

One good thing about the wheels is that you can go tubeless with them. While riding, you will be very comfortable that even if you get a puncture, the bike will allow you to go some distance before doing the repairs.

Gear range is an excellent feature with this bike. Adjusting from one to another is an effective and effortless task. This definitely falls under the Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner.


  • Comfortable to ride by all ages
  • Boasts of excellent quality
  • Simple to work with because of the tubeless tires
  • Comfortable to travel with
  • Holds the ground firmly hence ideal for a beginner


  • It comes at a pricier end

Schwinn ranger mountain bike

Schwinn ranger mountain bike: Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner

The design of this bike is the initial thing that you will appreciate and love for. You will love the alloy used in the making as it guarantees durability and longtime service. Its aluminum alloy is known for facilitating quick movement and handling.

What makes this bike ideal for beginners is the controlled riding and twist shifters. They are useful because they guarantee a long time service and comfortability. While riding, the bike’s design is such that it ensures you can easily adjust a few things and quickly manage them.

Adjusting the height is one thing that every rider loves doing. While riding uphills, you will choose your ideal size, and while going downhills, you will make a simple adjustment. This factor is also ideal as it makes the bike usable by all kinds of people despite their age.

As you ride, the biker offers you the simple adjustability of the saddle. Holding up the brakes and releasing them is something you will always enjoy doing. Chances of having break failures get limited to a very high degree.

Finally, the bike is lovely because of the optimal gearing. Any person, especially a beginner, will find it useful and effortless to manage.


  • It comes in a lightweight design
  • Simple to manage and adjust
  • Comfortable set up and management
  • Ideal for tackling all kinds of terrain
  • Highly effective brakes


  • May not be ideal for women and younger people

Hiland 26-inch mountain bike

Hiland 26-inch mountain bike

This bike is not only ideal for beginners but also all people and daily riding. It is, therefore, convenient for people going to work, sporting, and many others. You will love when using it because it has a standard height and weight for simple management.

The quality and the paintings are the things that will inspire each beginner to love using the bike. A long-lasting impression gets implanted in all the riders who attempt to have a taste of the bike. Its wheels are also inspirational hence attractive to the riders making it to rank among the Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner.

Moreover, the bike also boasts of a double-disc brake. It is, therefore, instrumental when braking and stopping. In all kinds of situations, the 21-speed gearbox ensures that you comfortably manage hence making riding fearless.

The quality is superb as it covers all parts of the bike. Its wheels are of durable material, and the design is sturdy. Accommodation of daily weight is, therefore, a simple task. The composition of the materials during the making process is ideal as it is only quality materials engaged.

Furthermore, the bike comes already assembled. You will, therefore, not have a reason to start your riding sessions immediately. You will always have to do simple management to ensure that the bike performs to the maximum.


  • Has a wide when hence stable
  • Offers simplicity of use
  • Comfortable to manage and ride
  • Effective braking system
  • It comes in various sizes


  • Poor selection of the size may end up disgusting you

Cycle force suspension mountain bike

Cycle force suspension mountain bike: Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner

Each rider who wants to start in mountain bike riding should have some inspiration from suspension bikes. This model is one of those that will serve you the best. The fantastic thing is that it has dual suspensions that make it look super.

Its tires are ideal for mountain riding. They hold the ground surface firmly hence maintaining stability. You will love it because the design offers the simplicity you need to have effective riding.

The wheel size is 26 inches, which makes it an ideal bike for all beginners. Both adults and young adults will find the bike most effective to use. Custom decals are some of the features that tend to make the bike one of the best performings.

Adjusting the bike to meet the specific needs of each rider is a straightforward task. You will love how the bike allows you to do the shift turns. Applying the brakes when riding, especially downhills, is lovely. It is useful and ensures that you have an excellent performance.

The durability of the bike is another thing you will always admire when using this bike.  It has quality materials that facilitate a long time service.


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Offers simplicity of use
  • Comfortable for high speeds
  • Reliable for long distances
  • Simple and lovely design


  • Not ideal for heavy people

Schwinn mesa adult mountain bike

Schwinn mesa adult mountain bike

This bike makes an ideal choice for beginners and those who want to ride to the next level. You will appreciate how the bike offers effectiveness when it comes to practical usage. A fantastic thing about this bike is that its frame is fit for all riders.

An aluminum frame makes everything more manageable because it offers durability and a lightweight design. The sizes and design of the bike make it most ideal for use by many people. One thing that each rider will appreciate is that the bike is simple to adjust.

The wheels and grips of the bike are excellent because they enhance swift movement. One thing you will appreciate about this model is that it offers quick and precise shifts. It, therefore, becomes more comfortable for each rider to enjoy their effective riding. It qualifies it as one of the Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner.

The stopping power of the brake is something you will always admire with the model. It features aluminum disc plates that ensure you can effectively stop. The suspension type is on the front part, and the break has a pulling design.


  • Has a perfect size
  • Comfortable to adjust and control
  • Very effective brakes
  • Lovely aesthetics


  • May is not ideal for young beginners

Mongoose status mountain bike

Mongoose status mountain bike: Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner

This bike is ideal for both men and women. You will love using it because of the aluminum frame that ensures that you get quality service. Its usage is lovely and very useful because it offers you a reliable and effective service.

A fantastic thing about this bike is that it enhances quick movement from one place to another, especially for beginners. Each person will therefore enjoy quick and very reliable service. As a beginner, you will find the bike to be a practical choice hence a reliable service.

Its height is fantastic as it delivers an excellent service. Twenty-one-speed shifters make everything easier and reliable for you. A guarantee for long time service, therefore, gets provided hence an excellent service. This qualifies it as one among the Best Mountain Bikes for A Beginner.

Changing the bike’s gears is easy as even new people will find it easier to implement. Coloring and the design of the bike make it an ideal choice for use. It has a durable and lightweight nature that makes it an attractive choice. You are therefore guaranteed a longtime service.


  • Simple to operate and manage
  • It has fantastic quality
  • Comfortable to use
  • Excellent durability
  • Speeds shifters


It needs a proper selection as you may get one you are not comfortable with.

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Choosing the best mountain bike for a beginner

One of the most challenging tasks may be selecting the best bike for a beginner. However, with consideration of a few things, you will get the best bike. They are as follows.


A beginner’s bike is exposed to damages and accidents. You, therefore, need to look at the quality closely.


The best model should be lightweight and more comfortable to handle. A beginner should find it lovely to operate predominantly in rugged terrains.


An ideal bike for mountain riding for a beginner should be comfortable to use. Using will, therefore, guarantee you a long time service. Safety is, therefore, one of the things you will enjoy.

Final verdict

Having a useful guide for a beginner’s mountain bike is excellent. One thing you will always be guaranteed of is a long term service. All our models have proven to be excellent performers. Remarkable service is therefore guaranteed.

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