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8 Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100 dollars in 2022

Biking is an enjoyable activity. However, it may turn and make you have the worst experience if you get an accident. The worst accident happens when you have injuries on the head. Nevertheless, you can acquire one of the best road bike helmet under 100.

Having a helmet is, therefore a vital when biking. Unfortunately, it is not all riders who have adequate resources to purchase the best helmets. We have attempted to get you the best and affordable helmets to make biking safe.

Being safe on your bike doesn’t just mean wearing a helmet. It’s important to make sure the wheels are locked and keep an eye out for cars or pedestrians while riding, too. We have everything you need at Bicycle Superstore including bikes of all types as well as accessories like locks so that no matter where life takes you, be it grocery running errands or hitting up resorts with friends- there will always be transportation ready when needed.
The best way if not necessarily easy one then surely among ones least frustrating methodologies identifying which bicycle style suits us most effectively is

Under 100 dollars, you will get the helmets on our list. One thing you will enjoy is their quality and the service they will offer.

Best road bike helmet under 100

Giro Syntax MIPS helmet

Giro Syntax MIPS helmet

Enjoy your cycling moments with this model helmet as it has a lovely quality and performance. The exciting thing is that it also comes from a widely known brand. Combination of its colors makes it a lovely and elegant model.

The protection offered by this helmet is lovely. It has the MIPS technology that ensures you are safe from any impact. You will be more excited by the presence of the multi-directional impact protection that ensures you are safer.

The ventilation of the model is also another lovely thing. Something you will always appreciate is the 25 wind channel that provides for free air circulation. You will therefore feel fresh and inspired to ride for the longest time possible. The vents have internal channeling.

With regards to comfort, the helmet proves to be an attractive choice. You can quickly adjust the vertical position to ensure that you are safe and well protected. A Loc system ensures that it is held in place hence a more excellent performance.  The lightweight design makes the comfort of the model more enhanced.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Powerful construction
  • Comfortable design
  • Simple to set up and adjust
  • Excellent fit for most people


  • It May is not very comfortable for people with small heads

Giro Fixture MIPS helmet

Giro Fixture MIPS helmet

This model is one of the best in the market when it comes to protection. You will appreciate the design, which is also a contributor to having the best quality. It comes from a reputable brand, which is a significant influencer when it comes to quality.

The MIPS technology used by this model is lovely. You will have enjoyable moments because there are comfort and ease of riding. Any impact gets directed away hence more safety. Therefore there is a guarantee that the model will offer you a remarkable service.

Eighteen vents of ventilation are ideal because they ensure that there is adequate air circulation. If you have an intention of riding all day, the model will offer you adequate support. If you have too much hair in your head, the model will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with sweat.

Moreover, this model boasts a universal fit and size. Despite the size of your head, you will have a chance to enjoy its service.  However, you will need to make an excellent choice to avoid getting a model that won’t support your size.


  • It has a lovely design and quality
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Has well-spaced ventilation channels
  • Ideal for many uses


  • Not suitable for use in dark areas

Bell Avenue MIPS helmet

Bell Avenue MIPS helmet: Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

The material choice in this model is lovely. You will enjoy excellent safety and comfort as you enjoy riding from one point to another. The shells used on the outer side of the model are perfect as they ensure adequate resistance against heavy impacts.

Rotational forces that are, as a result, impacts get minimized to a great degree. You will have less exposure to damages that result from accidents as you tackle a rough road. The MIPS technology makes everything simple and safe. This is one of the best Road Bike helmet Under 100 dollars.

The model boasts a lightweight and sleek design that ensure you can comfortably manage it. One thing you will much enjoy is the improved feel and function. You will not have difficult times to turn and push the model.

Moreover, chances of having twists and turns also get limited to a great degree. You will not experience accumulation of sweat hence having the straps well positioned. Adjusting the straps is also a lovely and useful process.


  • It has a sleek and comfortable design
  • Simple to adjust
  • Excellent reduction of impact hence assured safety
  • Proper air circulation
  • Universal fit


  • The chin lock isn’t very comfortable hence exposed to damage

Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet

Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet

This model boasts of in-mold protection. It is certified and has approval for excellent protection against abrasion and impacts. In case there is a crash, you are safe from most injuries.

Inside the helmet, you will appreciate the presence of the thickened EPS foams to the inside that ensure you are safe. Any torsion injuries will, therefore, not have a significant impact on your head.

UV rays also get protected from reaching your eyes. It features a detachable lens, which is responsible for eye protection. Therefore, you can be very sure that even when the weather is too sunny, you will enjoy visibility.

The helmet has optimal ventilation. You will have fun moments because sweat gets greatly minimized. The inside padding is also responsible for ensuring the helmet remains fresh hence lowering fatigue when riding.

A lightweight design makes it simple to move from one place to another swiftly. You will quickly adjust the model using the straps hence a safety assurance. It is therefore ideal for long-distance riding.


  • It has a lovely design and shape
  • Simple to adjust
  • Lightweight design
  • Optimized ventilation hence comfort
  • Offers great comfort


  • It is not fully ventilated; hence can be discomforting when it is hot

Airflow Bike Helmet

Airflow Bike Helmet: Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

One thing that you will enjoy with this model is its superior quality. It has techniques that make its performance more enhanced. Something to love significantly with it is the technique that gets personalized for its performance.

On the outer side is an exterior shell that is molded and powerfully reinforced. To the inside is foam the is closely attached to the skeleton hence more safety and comfort. It is also helpful as it ensures that you do not get exposed to injuries on heavy impacts.

Twenty-two massive vents help in maintaining airflow hence guaranteed safety. The design of the vent skeleton is rigid hence shock absorbent. An innovative design helps in making the helmet powerful and of great profile.

A lightweight design is ideal for ensuring that you are safe with this model.  You will therefore manage to ride your style without any worries. You will feel relaxed as you make it through corners and all terrains.

The model is an ideal fit and has straps that help you to adjust. Comfort gets improved day by day.


  • Ease of use and managing
  • Vented for better ventilation
  • Sturdy design and a resistant format
  • Ideal for all user’s despite the size
  • Lightweight


  • It May not much protection, especially if the affected part is the vents

Giro Savant helmet

Giro Savant helmet

This model has a lovely design and color codes. You will enjoy its elegant design that adds more to the beauty of the model. On the outer side, it boasts of a rigid and resistant material composition. The back also covers an extended part of your head.

The construction combines a polycarbonate outer shell and an impact-absorbing foam hence guaranteed performance. Foam on the inside part of the helmet is ideal as it ensures that you have more safety when there is a light or heavy impact.

Twenty-five vents with internal channeling are responsible for maintaining calmness on your head. You will have fun without having to worry about sweat and discomfort. The form absorbs and ensures you are safe from any bacteria and fungi making it the best road bike helmet Under 100 dollars.

A stylish design wraps it all up with a compact size. Carrying the helmet is, therefore, an effortless task. The shape is ideal as it ensures that you are safe from all sides of the body. When cycling, you are therefore guaranteed safety.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to adjust
  • Reliable for day to day use
  • Stylish shape and design
  • Holds the head firmly


  • The style may offer some little discomfort

Schwinn Beam LED helmet

Schwinn Beam LED helmet: Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

This helmet has a unisex design and comes in beautiful colors. You will enjoy using it because it has LED lights that make it usable even at night. You will find it interesting to remove the battery during the day and returning them at night.

More visibility gets guaranteed because of the reflective strips. They are responsible for providing safety in all angles of your head. They extend to all sides of the head, making it safer at night when the LEDs are off.

The adjustability of the model is excellent as it ensures that you can twist within an angle of 360 degrees. It also perfectly fits the head despite its size. Adjusting the straps is also easy hence comfort when riding.

Eighteen vents strategically placed help in promoting air circulation. When riding in summer, you will enjoy free air circulation. Calmness becomes inevitable when cycling. The shell also ensures that it covers most parts of the body.


  • It has a lovely design and shape
  • Excellent protection
  • Full ventilation
  • Ultimate coverage
  • Reflective strip


  • The LEDs are exposed to failure when used for long

Kask Rapido Helmet

Kask Rapido Helmet: Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

Most people love products that have an excellent reputation. This model is one of those that have an excellent reputation. It has several certifications that make it unique and great performing. You are, therefore, very sure that you have guaranteed safety.

Moreover, the model has 24 vents that help in air circulation. The movement of air is easy hence freshness. Air movement makes you safe from many factors. The growth of fungi and other diseases get limited to a great degree.

Adjustment of the model is easy and comfortable. It ranks among the best road bike helmet under 100 dollars. You have to move it either up or down and have remarkable moments. When riding, you do not feel worried about the disturbances as a result of sweat.

Impact gets significantly reduced the technology used in making the model. A feeling of fitness is something you will have all through your moments. Having a handmade design is something you will have a special appreciation for.

The brand is the fastest-growing hence ideal for a long term service. It has an excellent quality which also guaranteed a remarkable service. Using it on day to day basis is possible.


  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Excellent comfort
  • Ventilation and maximum safety
  • Freshness all through your biking
  • Ideal for daily use


  • It may get slightly compromised because of the cheap make
How to weara helmet properly

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Choosing the best road bike helmet under 100

Many specifications make each helmet unique. Interestingly, each model gets made to meet specific needs. An ideal helmet for a road bike has the following features.

Lightweight and sturdy

The material used in making the helmet is lightweight. It is also healthy to enhance safety and a long term service. One thing you should ensure to have is the resistance to impacts and protection on accidents.


Riding is fun when you are comfortable. An ideal helmet should therefore ensure that you are comfortable when riding. The straps should be easy to adjust hence providing more comfort.


As the budget highlights, your model should be affordable. Something to take caution about is getting compromised quality at low prices. You should therefore do some thorough research to ensure that you get high-quality models.


Road biking can be fast or slow. You will therefore need to have proper ventilation. Weather resistance is something you will always appreciate. Both the inside and outside parts of the model should be very comfortable.

Final verdict

Getting a budget-friendly helmet is a straightforward task. With a budget of 100 dollars, you will get a model that will offer you a remarkable service. A good selection of our models will make you have fun moments for your road bike cycling.

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