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8 Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet in 2022

Cycling is a very accommodating task. Each kind of rider gets accommodated despite their physical status. If you have wide feet, you will have a shoe that fits you, and the same applies to all accessories. Therefore, as a woman, you need to get the best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet.

Saying the accessories are accommodative does not mean getting the right ones is an easy task. If you are a woman with wide feet and in need of a cycling shoe, it may not be easy. However, our guide today simplifies everything for women with wide feet.

We have brought you the best shoes from our thorough research. Enjoy your selection.

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Best women’s cycling shoes for wide feet

Giro Empire W Women’s shoes

Giro Empire W Women's shoes: Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

This shoe is lovely because it allows you to do your cycling style. You will appreciate how it fits your feet and fastens them for swifter and faster riding. It emanates from a powerful brand that is responsible for the production of high-quality products.

Once you put on this shoe, you will enjoy both support and comfort. The upper layer of the shoe has a micro-fiber, which is responsible for safety. You will then use laces to hold the feet firmly hence promoting both comfort and breathability. This makes them one of the Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet.

Having pores around the upper part is essential as it enhances air circulation. Using the laces, you will choose to adjust the shoe so that it perfectly fits your foot. Having a good note with adequate ventilation is essential as it ensures you are safer.

Effective pedaling is also something you will always love. The grips are powerful and firmly hold the pedals. The shoe’s durability results from the robust make and composition of materials. its pads a replaceable and the feet are generally safe from bacterial growth and bad smell.


  • It has a lovely and durable design
  • Laces that allow you to adjust
  • Strong soles that enable effective pedaling
  • Holes for proper air ventilation
  • Lightweight design


  • Slightly pricier

Pearl Izumi Women’s cycling shoes

Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

This model has a composition of rubber and plastic that makes it light. It also has a synthetic sole that makes it durable and facilitates quick and reliable pedaling. The shoe is generally stable and guarantees a long term service.

The adjustable nature of the shoe makes it an ideal choice. You are therefore very sure that you will enjoy comfortable biking. Hot spots get eliminated hence promoting excellent breathability. Your foot shape gets considered by this shoe, thus promoting comfort.

Closure straps get designed in such a way that they have a bidirectional closure system. You will enjoy excellent foot retention and comfort. As you cycle, the chances of having your feet getting wet or discomfort get eliminated to a great degree.

The lightweight design and rugged soles make the performance of the shoe excellent. You will enjoy an easy time to pedal as you want ease and effectiveness. Any directional twist gets entirely handled hence a reliable performance.


  • Has a lovely design
  • Comfortable to adjust and use
  • Excellent breathability
  • It has a lightweight design


  • The fasteners get exhausted faster

Fizik Women’s R4 Donna BOA cycling shoes

Fizik Women's R4 Donna BOA cycling shoes: Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

This model also boasts a lovely system that enhances quick and reliable performance. You will have a special love. A fantastic thing about the shoe is that it is straightforward to operate and adjust hence providing more comfort.

The shoe is designed in Italy by experienced makers. You are therefore sure that it has both quality and performance. The shoe will serve you for the most extended duration in terms of service, and its performance is more enhanced when cycling.

The most exciting component of this shoe is the composite outer sole. It is carbon vented hence promoting both air circulation and comfortable pedaling. Having a lightweight design makes the model perform to the maximum without having to struggle.

The cleat is also highly compatible. You are therefore very sure that the model will deliver you an excellent service. Its closure system also has micro-straps that ensure that the model performs excellently and holds your feet firm.


  • Has a lovely design
  • It offers excellent comfort to the legs
  • Easy to adjust and firmly holds the feet
  • Sturdy and lightweight sole
  • Carbon vented


  • The straps get exposed to damage

Giro Factress Techlace cycling shoes

Giro Factress Techlace cycling shoes: Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

You will enjoy using this shoe not only because of its beauty but also its performance. It has a lightweight design that is key to simplicity when pedaling. Your legs won’t experience fatigue, and again, the shoe serves for a longer time.

Cycling in extreme conditions is lovely when you use this shoe. You will enjoy the material composition that ensures your feet do not smell. When you sweat, your legs also get less exposed to wet conditions as it quickly dries up.

The color is also attractive because of its beauty. A natural footbed promotes comfort when cycling at smooth and rough terrains. Using the straps, you will quickly adjust the shoe to meet your specific comfort leg compatibility needs.

A carbon fiber sole also helps in boosting the performance of the shoe. As you cycle, you will not experience any heat from the pedals. You will have a chance to choose your preferred shoe size depending on the size of your foot.


  • Has a lovely design
  • Comfortable to use and adjust
  • Has an x static lining
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Heat controlling material


  • Slightly challenging when choosing the right size

Giro Empire E70 W cycling shoe

Giro Empire E70 W cycling shoe: Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

This model is knit and has a modern style hence an enhanced performance. The technology involved in its making is instrumental in promoting understanding. Comfort and breathability is something you will have a special love for when using this shoe.

The color combination in the making of the shoe makes it attractive to many users. Having an athletic design is key to ensuring that the model serves multiple roles. It, therefore, proves to be the ideal choice for use when cycling under any conditions.

Having a perfect fit for any foot is remarkable with this model. You will appreciate the fact that the model is easy to adjust to meet your foot’s size. Using the laces, you will enjoy excellent breathability and support for your ideal riding.

Pedaling becomes an easy task when using this model. It has a lightweight design that facilitates leg movement. The grips hold the pedals firmly hence promoting the simple action of the leg. Replaceable pads are also crucial in enhancing the durability of the model.


  • The robust performance of the pedals
  • Comfortable to use and adjust
  • Easy to customize to meet your foot needs
  • Excellent cleat compatibility
  • Durable due to replaceable components and robust design


  • Variation of prices and sizes may be slightly confusing

PEARL IZUMI Women’s W cycling shoe

PEARL IZUMI Women's W cycling shoe: Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

The dimensions of this shoe are lovely as they cover all parts of your foot. You will love using them because they protect you from the top to below the feet. It boasts of an attractive design that is also lightweight hence delivering a remarkable performance.

Its durability is also excellent and offers power both on the lower part and upper part. Cycling in all kinds of terrain is convenient in all types of protection. A toe tap provides adequate protection for your feet and toes hence comfortable riding.

When landing, you will still enjoy adequate safety because of the shock-absorbing ability. Hard landing, therefore, gets taken care of effectively. The composite has a nylon material that is durable and highly resistant.

A blend of grip and traction makes the shoe ideal for firmly holding the pedals. In all weather conditions, the shoe offers powerful traction hence less exposed to accidents and minor challenges. Using the shoelaces, you will quickly and comfortably adjust the shoe to meet your foot’s needs.


  • Has a lovely design and performance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Offers protection to the whole foot and the toes
  • Vibrant outsole components
  • Resistant to heavy impacts


  • The length may be okay, but its width can be pressing

SHIMANO Women’s RP501W cycling shoe

SHIMANO Women's RP501W cycling shoe": Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

This model boasts a synthetic sole and beautiful colors. You will appreciate its nature because of its ability to resist impacts and protect your feet. As you cycle, the model is lovely as it ensures that you can comfortably move the pedals without worries.

A wire routing with an adjustable boa makes the shoe simple to position. Your leg, therefore, gets entirely covered and less exposed. You can also loosen it a bit to promote free air circulation. To save on time, you will quickly pull and press to reinforce the holding ability.

It also has a clean design, which is ideal for outstanding performance. After cycling for the whole day, the shoe maintains freshness for your feet. Infections and wet conditions become less when you put on this shoe because of its inner material. This ranks it as one of the Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet.

While cycling or walking, you will enjoy the work of the heel pads. They play a role in ensuring that you enjoy stability on the feet while walking or cycling. An assurance for peace gets also enhanced because of the quality of material used.

On the insole and outsole, there is an optimal link that ensures there is free air circulation. You will therefore enjoy proper air circulation all through your feet.  Adjusting the shoe also becomes a simple and very reliable task.


  • Has a lovely and stable design
  • It comes in various sizes compatible with wide feet
  • Durable design
  • Clean and less exposed to bacteria and fungi
  • Simple to adjust


  • The straps may easily get damaged

Giro Women’s Cycling Shoes

Giro Women's Cycling Shoes: Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

This model comes from a dominating brand in cycling shoes. You will enjoy the form in which it comes on, making it ideal for an excellent performance. Adjusting this model is convenient and very quick.

In terms of comfort, the shoe makes one of the best models. A supportive fit and a breathable design make it ideal for any cycling and any road. Both the upper and the lower part of the shoe are well protected hence comfort when pedaling.

The outsole has stainless steel hardware that is responsible for the tractive and responsive power. Experiences of too much heat on the foot when pedaling get limited to a great degree. The pads make you enjoy the durability and more comfort. This is one of the Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet.

Compatibility is also something you will always enjoy when using this model. Depending on your feet’ size, you will get a shoe that will meet your feet’ height in terms of length and width.


  • Has a lovely design and shape
  • Quick adjustment process
  • Quick to match as there are many options
  • Excellent foot support and durability


  • The shape gets exposed to quick deterioration

Choosing the best women cycling shoe for wide feet

Many features come along when selecting an ideal shoe for a woman with wide feet. Some of the basics include quality, design, and strength. Below are some less considered though vital elements of an ideal shoe.


You should look for a shoe that is large enough to accommodate your foot. One mistake that people make is to look at the length only. The width is therefore critical to avoid getting a shoe that will press your foot.

Material composition

The material used in making a shoe for wide feet is essential. It determines for how long the shoe will serve and how comfortable it will be. An ideal shoe should be smooth and not very rigid.


The design encompasses the shape and the technical considerations. An ideal shoe should have a rugged sole, and the inner part should be padded. On the sole, grips should firmly hold the pedals.

Final verdict

Having many kinds of shoes in the market is very confusing as they make decision making complicated. Using our guide, you will have the most relaxing time to select an ideal shoe. All you will focus on is to get a size that matches your feet.

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