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Mountain Bike Crankset

The mountain bike crankset is the part of a bicycle that transfers power from the pedals to the rear wheel. Mountain bike cranksets are the main parts of the front wheel assembly. The crank drives the chain, which in turn drives the rear wheel. Mountain bike cranksets are designed to fit the unique needs of … Read more

Best MTB Brakes

The name is derived from the fact that the first MTB brakes were developed for off-road use by the French company Mafac. Invented in 1953, they have been used on bicycles ever since their inception and have been constantly improved over time. MTB bikes are designed to be ridden off-road, over a variety of surfaces … Read more

Do Cycling Cleats Make A Difference

If you go down the route of not exploring cleats and remaining with conventional trainer shoes and flat pedals, you’ll still get pleasure from riding your bike with no issues or dangers. Most riders are unaware that bicycle shoes have cleat components and will ignore them completely. Hence still ask themselves, do cycling cleats make … Read more

Best Phone Mount for Mountain Bike in 2022

Mountain biking can make you have very disgusting moments. Imagine trying to check something on your phone; then it ends up in an accident. Or missing an urgent call because you were tackling challenging terrain because you lacked the best phone mount for mountain bike. This all becomes simple when you have a phone mount. … Read more

Best Floor Pumps for Tubeless Tires in 2022

Tubeless tires are some of the exciting tires you can always use. Many people love using them because they are reliable and do not cause sudden accidents. In the event of a puncture, they do not immediately deflate hence safer. Therefore ones needs to buy the Best Floor Pumps for Tubeless tires. The challenge with … Read more

8 Best Floor Pump For Mountain Bike (2022 edition)

When using a mountain bike, you will realize that not all pumps will work with it. You will therefore need a more powerful pump that will offer you a remarkable service. You will need to chose the Best Floor Pump For Mountain Bike The biggest challenge comes in when you have to source for a … Read more

7 Best Mountain Bike Pedals with Toe-Clips for 2022

Toe clips play a massive role in making cycling effective. The most fantastic feature of toe clips is that they ensure your toes are safe and you can cycle effortlessly. Having pedals that have toe clips for a mountain bike is therefore very important. Mountain bikes encounter both rough and smooth terrains. As you get … Read more

7 Best Bike Helmet with Lights (2022 Editor’s pick)

Commuting is very interesting when you have the right accessories. A good example is the use of a helmet that has lights. The lights not only make it look colorful but also provide safety to the rider. Therefore one needs to acquire the Best Bike Helmet with Lights. If you fail to get to your … Read more

7 Best Bike Helmet for Commuters (2022 edition)

If you are a commuter, you should know the value of helmets. Most of them come in unisex design and fulfilling a specific need. However, it may be a little bit cumbersome to get one that is specifically for commuting. Hence you need to get one of the best bike helmet for commuters. Our guide … Read more

8 Best Hydration Pack For Mountain Biking in 2022

When out for mountain bike riding, a hydration pack becomes essential. It is convenient as it allows you to sip water quickly. However, if you get one that is not good, it may not serve you best. Therefore you need to have one of the best hydration pack for Mountain Biking. Our compilation today covers … Read more