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How to Put On a Clip-In Pedal: A Comprehensive Guide

Pedals have come a long way from the old days of clunky metal contraptions that we strapped to our feet. Today, there are many types of pedals, but one thing is still true. Whether you use clip-in or not, you’re going to need to learn how to change your pedal straps on occasion. Learning how to put on a clip-in pedal will make it easier for you in the future and can give you more options when you want to mix up your ride.

For those who are new to clipping in and don’t know where to start, here’s a quick guide on how to put on a clip-in pedal.

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What is a Clip-In Pedal?

A clip-in pedal is a pedal that attaches to the cyclist’s shoe with clips. The clips are then clipped into the pedal. This attachment system allows for more power when cycling, as well as stability and leverage advantages over non-clip pedals.

How to Put On a Clip-In Pedal

The first step to putting on clip-in pedals is to find the right pedal for your shoe. Most pedals are designed to work with shoes with a specific cleat pattern, so you need to make sure that the pedal you’re looking for has the same cleat pattern as your shoe.

Next, remove the screws from your old pedal and place them on your new pedal. You should have a screwdriver available or be able to borrow one from someone nearby. Once you’ve put the screws in the head of your new pedal, take your wrench and tighten them into place.

Now, use an Allen key (or wrench) and loosen the bolts on both sides of your shoe’s cleats. Put some grease on the bolts before you hand tighten them back up again on the bottom of your shoe. Your shoes should now be ready to clip in! The last step is clipping in for a ride – which is just as easy as unclipping in when it’s time for a break!

Loop the Straps Around the Pedal

The first step is to loop the straps around the pedal. The left strap should be on the left side of the pedal, and the right strap should be on the right side of the pedal.

Next, pull each strap so that it’s tight. Your first instinct might be to push down on each pedal while pulling up on the straps to make them tight, but you want to hold each one firmly and make sure they’re pulled tight enough where you can’t slide your foot in or out without undoing the straps.

With one hand, take ahold of both straps on either side at once and pull them off to either side. Keep holding onto those straps while you do this, but don’t pull up on them–you’ll just loosen them. Then take your other hand and put it under the slack in one of those two sides–whatever side feels most comfortable for you to stand on (for example, if you are right-handed, put your left hand under one of those two ends). With your free hand, grab all four strands from that strap–not just two–and then slide it across that slack until it’s even with the other side. Once it’s even with that side, grab that end with both hands and tie an overhand knot just like in step 6 below.

Now do this for both sides–grabbing all four strands from both ends and sliding them across until they’re even before tying an overhand knot with both ends in order to

Pull the Straps Over the Toes and Buckle

The first part is to pull the straps over your toes. They should be pointing towards the front of your shoes. The next step is to buckle them in place, and make sure that the metal clip is on the outside of the shoe.

Next, you’re going to want to get a comfortable fit by tightening down the pedal so that it doesn’t move around too much when you are pedaling. You can tighten it as much as possible without it hurting your foot. When you’ve reached this point, it’s time for the last step – clipping in!

You need to find where all of the clips are located on your pedal (typically, on either side). Then, once you find them, press down and slide each clip into place until they click in. That’s it! Now go out and enjoy your ride!

Tighten the Strap Above Your Ankle

First thing you want to do is put your shoe on and lace it up as you normally would. Next, you want to tighten the strap above your ankle. This will help keep the pedal from slipping out when you push down on it.

Take Your Time, You’re Almost Done!

Once you put on the pedal, make sure to attach the crank arm and tighten it. If you are using a power meter, then connect the wire from the crank arm to your power meter. You might want to take off the clips that came with your pedals and replace them with ones that are more secure. Then make sure to attach your shoe with a screwdriver or insole pins. Once you’re done, let go of the lever on the left side of your bike and pedal for a few seconds before taking off for your ride.

The best way to learn how to put on a clip-in pedal is by taking it slow. These pedals have been around for a while, but they still can be complicated if you’re not used to them. Follow these steps carefully and don’t forget that there are tons of resources online if you get stuck along the way!

Put Your Foot Back in The Shoe

The first step is to put your foot back in the shoe. This can be a tad difficult for those who are used to traditional pedals, but it’s important. You’ll need to have the right shoe on before you clip in or you won’t be able to adjust the strap correctly.


Does clipping in feel different than riding without clip-in pedals?

Clipping in will feel more stable as you pedal. It will also make it much easier to pedal uphill because you can push down on the pedal with more force and use your leg muscles more efficiently.

What are the best shoes for riding with clip-in pedals?

We recommend any sort of cycling shoe with a durable sole because they’ll be better able to support your foot while pedaling and help prevent injury. If you don’t have a cycling shoe, any closed-toe shoe would work fine, too.

Do I need special shoes for riding with clip-in pedals?

No! All you need is a pair of closed toe shoes that you’re comfortable wearing when cycling.

Can I ride using my everyday sneakers?

Yes! Cycling sneaker are great for those who want the benefits of clip-ins but don’t want to invest in cycling specific shoes yet or just prefer an easy way out. You can also wear these while walking around town as they look like normal sneakers so nobody will know your secret.


That’s it! You now know how to put on a clip-in pedal. If you have any questions, or feel like there’s anything we missed, please leave your question in the comments and we will answer as soon as possible.