Important Bike Storage Tips in 2021

Important bike storage tips

Bike storage is one of the things that tend to confuse many people. Various Important Bike Storage tips often become challenging to observe. However, understanding some few things that you can always employ.

You will have a choice to make in determining how you want to store the bike. Its storage isn’t enough as you will also need to implement a few measures to ensure the bike serves for a long.  Below are some of the storage tips you can always embrace.

Important Bike Storage Tips

Hanging off the bike

The bike hanging is one of the things that you will always enjoy. You have several methodsto store the bike by hanging.  It is the best method because it saves on the floor space hence delivering the best outcomes.

However, there is a need to take caution because of the weight of the bike.  It is not proper to hang a heavy bike as it may cause a tragedy. You can, however, choose to hang it next to the wall as it saves on too.

Consider having a storage unit

You can also choose to have a storage unit for your bike. The loveliest thing with it is that you will have an easy time deciding whether to store the bike indoors or outdoors. On selection of the storage unit, you need to consider the length at which it will serve.

Getting one that is temperature-controlled is a lovely thing. It will offer you a guarantee that you will enjoy a long-term service with the bike.

Clean the bike

 When you store the bike, and it is dirty, you shorten its lifespan. You, therefore, need to have it clean so that it delivers an outstanding performance.  Rust is one of the things that you are likely to find if the bike isn’t clean. You, therefore, expose it to quick deterioration.

All dirt on the frames, the wheels, and other parts should be easy to clean. Part of cleaning is the application of lubricants. Ensure that the parts that need some oiling also get oiled before storage of the bike. The lubricant prevents rust.

Inflate the tires

Dead spots are some of the challenges that you will encounter when you store the bike for some time. You will therefore experience such a challenge by inflating the bike. The weight of the bike is responsible for the dead spots.

You can also choose to ensure that you inflate the bike frequently to maintain its safety. Therefore, you are sure that the bike will serve for long and ready to use when you need it.

Embrace the use of hooks for storage

When you make use of the hooks, you make it quite simple to manage the bike’s functionality. You, therefore, will have an assurance that the cycle will maintain the proper shape. When the bike is off the ground, you will have confidence that it will not have interferences with the other items.

Observe the safety of the bike

The bike needs to be very safe. When storing the bike, you need to ensure that it is not exposed to theft. You should therefore ensure that the actual location is not exposed hence guaranteed safety. As you assess the safety, you also need to ensure that people are safe from the bike.

If you choose to hang it, it is vital to ensure that the place you keep it is out of human activity. By doing so, you can be sure that everyone who accesses the room is safe. If it is on the floor, you can consider covering it so that it is also safe.

Frequent maintenance

There are very high chances that it may not function as you expect when you store the bike for some time. You will therefore need to do some frequent maintenance so that the model serves for a long. Doing some routine checks is consequently one of the loveliest things.

When maintaining the bike, always ensure that you apply some lubricant, rotate the wheels and the pedals, and also the handlebar. Adjusting the bolts is also very helpful as it maintains flexibility. Also, make sure that you inflate the tires.

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Storage of the bike is an essential thing that you need to understand the tips. Having a guide like the one we have provided is vital. You can be sure that applying the above methods will make you enjoy the moments.