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How to Patch A Bike Tube-A Definitive Guide

Cycling is lovely, but punctures are inevitable. Once in a while, you will encounter a tire puncture that may hinder your cycling session. Therefore, it is vital to have your repairing tools every time you are out with your bike. You need skills on How to Patch A Bike Tube. Having your repair tools may … Read more

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is fun, mostly when you use it as a sporting activity. However, it comes with various benefits. People who have made cycling part of their daily routine experience various outcomes that are very beneficial to their daily lives. They gain many Benefits of Cycling in the process. At a glance, frequent cycling not only … Read more

The Basic Bicycle Safety Equipment

It is a wish to every bicycle rider to have a safe ride anytime they get out. So many cyclists have lost their lives in different circumstances. In avoiding more loss of lives, the bicycle riders need to consider whether their bicycle safety equipment is set. The bicycle safety equipment plays a key role in … Read more

How to Choose Best Cycling Helmets.

Whether cycling for fun or due to career obligations, you will always need a helmet. A cycling helmet tends to act as safety equipment at any given time during your cycling activities. According to statistics, from most cyclist deaths, the most severe injuries are to the head and hence the need to learn how to … Read more

Best knee pads for Mountain Biking in 2022

If you have ever had an impact accident while biking, you probably know the importance of having quality knee pads. Having the best knee pads gives you the confidence to bike because of the safety guaranteed. It may not be very easy to get the best knee pads for mountain biking because the market if … Read more