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Where can i buy bike pedals?

Bike Pedals: Where can i buy bike pedals?
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Have you been to every store in your town, but still can’t find the perfect pair of pedals for your bike? You end up wondering, Where can i buy bike pedals? You’re not alone.

It’s hard to know what the best options are and where to find them. This comprehensive guide will take all of the guesswork out of the equation and teach you where to buy bike pedals online at unbeatable prices while still getting the quality you deserve. From budget-friendly pedal sets to expensive but high-quality brands, learn everything there is to know about where to buy bike pedals.

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The Basics of Bike Pedals

Bike pedals come in many different types and serve a variety of purposes. The two most common types are flat pedals and clipless pedals.

Flat pedals are the easiest to use because you can walk around on them without having to lift your foot off the pedal. Flat pedals work great for running errands, commuting, or just casually riding around on your bike.

Clipless pedals are more advanced as they require special shoes to attach onto the pedal in order to clip in and out. Clipless pedals will give you more control over your bike and require less energy but only work with specialized shoes that clip into the pedal (usually sold separately).

The type of pedal you need largely depends on what you plan on doing with your bike, how often you plan on riding, where you live, etc. If you have any questions about which type of pedal is best for you, we can help.

Bike pedals

Why are bike pedals so expensive?

Pedals are such an integral part of cycling, but they can also be one of the most expensive parts to purchase. The cost of a bike pedal is dependent on the type and brand. The average cost for a set of pedals ranges between $30-$100. It’s important to note that prices will vary depend on the manufacturer and style.

Where can i buy bike pedals?

Most bike shops will have a selection of pedals in different brands, sizes, and colors. You may also find that your local bike shop offers customization options for your pedals. You could get them to grind off the rough edges on the pedal or paint it in a color that matches your bike. This is especially helpful if you are trying to match a bike frame or wheel color.

What are pedals?

Pedals are often the first thing you buy for your bike. They serve as an important part of your bike’s drivetrain. Pedals connect to the crank and allow you to transfer your leg power into forward motion.

Pedals come in many shapes and sizes, but are usually made from metal or plastic, with a few exceptions like carbon fiber pedals.

 How do bike pedals work?

Bike pedals work to convert your leg power into rotational force, powering the wheel of your bike. A basic set of pedals will include a left and right pedal. You’ll have to attach them to the crank arm, which connects to the front wheel via the bottom bracket and axle.

 Types of Bike Pedals

There are three main types of pedals and they each have their own pros and cons.

The first type is flat pedals. These are the most basic type of pedal, as they simply put your foot straight on the ground when you’re riding. They’re usually cheaper than other options but also offer limited performance, especially if you’re riding off-road or doing any tricks.

Next are platform pedals. These are another budget-friendly option that offer good stability because they have a wide surface area for your foot to grip onto. They’re also great for beginners looking to try out different styles before buying more expensive models, but their performance will suffer if you’re doing anything besides just going in a straight line again, that’s not ideal for off-road or trick-riding.

Finally there’s a clipless pedal system which involves using small metal cleats to attach your shoes to the pedal itself via a strap around the shoe’s ankle. The downside is that these pedals can be costly and take some practice getting used too, but once mastered they offer superior control and power over any other pedal system due to the rider being attached directly to the bike – so these are perfect for cyclists looking to do tricks or ride off road!

Where to Buy Bike Pedals Online

If you’re in the market for bike pedals, there are plenty of great places to buy them. From your local store to major retail stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target, there are many options. Prices range anywhere from $3 to $200, depending on what type of pedal set you’re looking for.

To make sure you’re paying the best price and getting quality products, look no further than our list of the where to buy bike pedals online:

1. Amazon

2. eBay

3. BikePedalsAndGear.com

4. CompetitiveCyclist.com

5. JensonUSA

6. Nashbar

7. PerformanceBike

8. Wiggle

The Budget-Friendly Option

There are plenty of budget-friendly options out there for your bike pedals. One of the best things about these pedal sets is that they come with everything you need to get your bike back up and running. For instance, some pedal sets come with:

Pedal straps

Spoke key

Spoke wrench

Flathead screwdriver

This all comes at an affordable price and will have you pedaling in no time! Check out this Shimano Pedal Set from Amazon for a great example of a budget-friendly set.

If you’re looking for more than just pedals, then check out this Bike Pedal Kit from Performance Bike. This kit includes pedals, toe clips, flat head screwdriver, spoke key, and spoke wrench. You’ll also get a bike pedal spanner wrench and four pedal straps to go around the crank arm to protect the bearings from wear and tear.


If you’re looking for the highest-quality pedals, it’s hard to find a better option than Shimano. They have a wide variety of pedal options, from budget-friendly models to pricey ones like Dura Ace.

You can choose between 9 different models that vary in weight, durability, and price point. Some of the more expensive options may be out of your price range, but it’s worth saving up for them if you want quality pedals that will last you a long time. The low-end model is the SH-MT41 shoes and they are less than $30. The top end product is Dura Ace at $150 per pair.

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Look for the Deals

If you’re looking for a bargain, your first stop should be Amazon. This is the best place to find the cheapest price on bike pedals, and most of their inventory is eligible for free 2-day shipping with Prime.

Another good place to look is eBay. You can find quality bike pedals here that are much cheaper than in stores. And if you’re lucky, you might even find some old or discontinued models that are less expensive than new ones!

If you want to buy your bike pedals at an actual store, Target is one of the best options. They typically have a decent selection of pedals in various styles and colors at affordable prices. You’ll usually see great deals on these items during sales time as well. If you live near a Dick’s Sporting Goods store, they will also have plenty of pedal styles available at competitive costs.


What Is The Difference Between A Budget Pedal And An Expensive Pedal?

The main difference between a budget pedal and an expensive pedal is the materials used to make them. Budget pedals will have cheaper parts, which can affect the durability of the pedal over time. This can be a problem if you’re cycling in areas with a lot of rocks and pebbles. More expensive bikes have a better quality because they’re made from stronger materials like steel and titanium.

How Do I Choose Which Bike Pedals To Buy?

There are lots of things to consider before buying new bike pedalsfrom your budget to the type of biking you do most oftenso it’s important you know what features you want before diving in headfirst into purchases. You should also consider the size of your cycling shoes, how easy they are to install, and how well they perform when cycling on different terrains.


Whether you’re new to cycling or have been riding for years, bike pedals can be an important consideration.

Pedals are the connection between your bike and your feet. When you start your bike, you push down on the pedal with your foot to help get your bike going. Most riders prefer either clipless pedals or flat pedals, which both come in different types.

Modern clipless pedals are easier and faster to get in and out of, and work well with cycling shoes. Flat pedals offer more stability and comfort, and are compatible with most cycling shoes.

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